• Jaime Huerta Cepas - Group Leader
  • Ana Hernández Plaza - Bioinformatician
  • Álvaro Rodríguez del Río - Postdoc, Predoctoral Fellow (La Caixa - INPhINIT program)
  • Joaquín Giner Lamia - Assitant Lecturer
  • Carlos Pérez Cantalapiedra - Postdoc
  • Ziqi Deng - Predoctoral Fellow (FPI program)
  • Claudia Sanchís López - Predoctoral Fellow (FPU, with Lopez-Solanilla's Lab)
  • Saray Santamaría Hernando - Postdoc (with Lopez-Solanilla's Lab)
  • Sara Gonzalez Bodí - Postdoc, Bioinformatician

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Lab culture

The lab is founded under solid principles of honest communication, science passion, work-life balance, and full support for the career development of all members in the team. This may sound hard to implement in a publish-or-perish-highly-competitive time, but we try harder.

Past members:

  • Mariola Ferreras - Master Student (Sept 2018-Feb 2019)
  • Sebastian Vieites Ruibal - Master Student (Feb 2020-Sept 2020)
  • Lisa Pokorny - Postdoc
  • Jordi Burguet Castell - Scientific Software Developer
  • Laura Rodríguez Casillas - Undergraduate Student
  • Jorge Botas - Undergraduate Student